House Schmagerow

2017-07-09 10.41.42 (2)What we have always liked about the place: the nature, the silence and the wide open skies. This makes us feel at home – and we can still see the big picture.

This is the place  we want to invite those people who want to work on themselves, are curious, are willing to look: at their own patterns, at their own life and work from the distance and stillness of a home away from home.  Structured workshops or free time spent with like-minded others allow guests to become aware of what is really working and reinforce that, become aware of what is not working – and change that. Individuals and groups can work on strategic issues – in order to create meaning that can manage ambiguity and complexity sustainably.cropped-dsc003861.jpg

The House can be a home for some days – for being, for reflection, for awareness based transformation and creative action. A home to return to regularly. Also, if you are a part of our network, ask us to use our premises for your courses.

Hannes & Anne

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