We came here in 2014. We are Johann Entz-von Zerssen and Anne Caspari. In hinsight we realized, we were looking for a place exactly like this one. It has called us here.


We are both coaches, working with leadership trainings and transformative practices. Hannes already had in mind using this property for his purposes, since it was in the familiy, but empty and undervalued.

For some of our more transformative practices we were searching for a space to run these kind of courses, away from indifferent hotel seminar rooms with their stagnant energy – into a “home away from home”, personalized space sourrounded by nature. We found it here.

Then we noticed we didn’t want to leave back to our place in Switzerland anymore. We moved in. Now we have been making this place our place, making it more and more fit for living and hosting purposes. And we have been rewilding the land and the garden, hosting now about more than 10 different very species and wild flowers all over the place.


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