House Schmagerow has 5 double or twin rooms, 3 single rooms, a large living and dining room. Bathrooms are mostly shared, we have 6 of them, so 13 people can sleep here. For larger groups we lean on accommodation near by. The seminar room is in the adjacent building. It easily fits 15 people, and has been known to fit in 25. All modern conveniences are available, including a hot tub in the garden near the house.  The house is surrounded by a huge garden with a pond and old trees. There is plenty of room, inside and out, for all kinds of activities.

The property lies in the middle of beautiful landscapes with rolling fields and hedges, with abundant wildlife throughout the year:  geese, cranes, storks, deer, foxes, eagles and kites.

Your navigator will find the place under “House Schmagerow” or Schmagerow 11, 17321 Ramin, Germany”.  There are train stations in the neighborhood: Grambow, Löcknitz, Tantow, Pasewalk and Szczecin (PL). Nearest airports are Berlin (DE) and Szczecin (PL). Help with transport is easy.


The place was home to the von Ramin family for centuries until the early 1900’s when it was bought by the family of my stepfather Gerd Kelch. House Schmagerow marks the exact place of a former Manorhouse. It was the center of a typical ‘Gutshof’ an agricultural estate that consisted of stables for cattle, sheep (300) and storage, a Church, a Schoolhouse and quarters for workers and farmhands. I was told about 40 people were employed to manage a property of about 400 hectares.  Most of the buildings that made up the agricultural operation collapsed due to neglect and disrepair in the 70’s and later, a common lot to homes confiscated by the communists in the so-called ‘Landreform’ after the war. Some property was bought back after the reunification of Germany by my stepfather and a new house was built in 2008. After his death my partner and I have taken over the task of hosting family and friends with great pleasure to carry on a hospitable tradition.



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