Transformation Journey

This  7 Days Transformation Intensive course is a full immersion into the self with a complete transformative cycle. Participants take a deep, undisturbed dive into their self-system (their own stuff) and learn about their mechanisms of getting stuck – and getting unstuck. They learn how to identify hidden sabotage patterns and blockages. They train skills that enable them to dissolve destructive habits and recreate new, empowering ones. This training is specifically designed to help individuals make those personal and professional changes that are most important to them. This training requires uninterrupted time away from home and the willingness to take a closer look inside and what is really going on. For a more detailed description, read up here.


Course Dates and Registration
Transformation Intensive, October 29 to November 4, 2022, here in House Schmagerow, D- 17321 Ramin.  Click here for more information.
Transformation Intensive Advanced TBD, here in House Schmagerow, D- 17321 Ramin.   
Reviewer Meeting; TBD House Schmagerow, D- 17321 Ramin.

Ask us for group discounts, shorter modules, or courses tailored to your group.


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