Transformative Courses

This place with its premises and surrounding landscapes are perfect for transformative work:  The courses and workshops we are holding here are about deep personal transformation. Participants can take advantage of the safe space and the beautiful natural surroundings while they are learning to release hidden personal sabotaging patterns and apply tools and methods to regain a whole, authentic and present self.  We as teachers are experienced in many different schools of thought, methods and approaches, we can easily cross-reference the transformative processes to different researchers and maps of the territory, such as Integral and developmental Theory, ‘Immunity to Change’ work (Robert Kegan), U-Process (Scharmer, Jaworski) and many others. This module takes 7 days. For information regarding costs and logistics please ask ( or read here.

In the Transformation Intensive Courses participants work on their own issues with the tools and methods. It is not set up as group work, it is individual work in a group setting. The work, however, tends to connect deeply during the courses and also afterwards. We are a growing community of practice with people from many places around the world: so far we have had TI participants from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Belgium, the UK, Italy, Spain, USA, Afghanistan, India, Japan and South Africa.


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